About Aermade

We manufacture systems and equipment related to Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

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Aermade is a new company established in 2021. However, the personnel working for the company are all resources with long term experience in development, design and production of HVAC equipment for the offshore, marine and domestic marked.

We are owned by the AF Group and BR Industries. Our owners have a long history of developing smart solutions for both the offshore, marine and onshore industry.

Our aim is to design and manufacture cost saving and energy efficient solutions and stand- alone equipment to meet the global demand for reduction in energy consumption. We seek to do this in close cooperation with our owners, customers and suppliers.

We have a continuous focus on innovation and to optimize the use of materials without compromising on quality in a life cycle perspective.

Production philosophy

Our production philosophy is that Aermade will take care of the design, assembly, testing and documentation of the equipment.

Internal components will in general be supplied from skilled Norwegian and European vendors with long term experience in supply of the respective equipment. Our selection of components will be based on quality, cost, delivery reliability and customer preferences.

Metalworking related to our products will be handled by Metallteknikk. This will ensure that the work is performed by skilled personnel and documented in accordance to applicable standards and specifications.

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Øystein Lobekk Daglig leder / General Manager Aermade
Øystein Lobekk

General Manager / CEO

Phone +47 952 27 332

Rune Gjerde, Innkjøpssjef / Purchasing manager Aermade
Rune Gjerde

Purchasing manager

Phone +47 405 55 110